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Exercise #362

Exercise #362: Craft
Posted  4/2/10

I’m back to your suggestions from Exercise #336 for Craft. This one comes from Sharon Tabor Warren’s comments.

In her idea for revitalizing previous Craft exercises, she suggested, “Or Senses--perhaps work on taste and smell, probably the most underused of the senses in our writings.”

For today's assignment, pick one of these:
     * It’s final exam day at cooking school
     * A prominent food critic - with a weekly column! - is in your restaurant for dinner
     * It’s “hot meal” day at the school cafeteria
     * Your fruit pie is being judged at the county fair
     * Your true love takes you out to a special meal
And imagine . . .

Describe the scene, paying careful attention to the senses of taste and smell. Your submission does not need to be a full story.

Critiquers, did it make you hungry? Were the references to sensations within the piece seamless or did they feel forced?

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #362/yourname

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