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Exercise #367

Exercise #367: Craft
Posted  5/7/10

Let’s revisit Point of View.

Your POV can make or break the story. First person makes the work more believable, more immediate, but gives the author some limitations - the first person POV can only narrate what they see or know. Third person, the most widely used POV, eliminates that restriction but sets the tone back a bit from the reader.

Find or create a scene which has six people, of which you are one. Show us the scene first from your own viewpoint, in first person POV. Then show us the scene from one of the other character’s viewpoints, in third person POV.

Each piece should cover exactly the same scene, starting and ending at exactly the same place.

Critiquers, which was the stronger of the two? Why? Do you think if the roles were reversed (first person POV as the other character and third person POV as the author) your opinion would change? Why or why not?

Word limit: 600 for each POV
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #367/yourname

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