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Exercise #371

Exercise #371: Craft
Posted  6/4/10

Do you remember haiku?

When I asked in Exercise #336 for Craft ideas, Cathy Furlani suggested we explore haiku. So let’s do that!

When I did a Web search, I found a lot of information on the haiku form, and many examples, but I also grew more and more confused. Sometimes, a really good haiku doesn’t follow the generally accepted 5, 7, 5 syllable structure. Two best places I found to check for further information are Wikipedia’s haiku page,, and Aha Poetry’s haiku page,

All sites I visited mentioned the seasonal and holy aspect of “good” haiku. I found that interesting, since I don’t associate something so specific with any other poetry form.

Feel free to explore variations of haiku structure, or stick with the old-fashioned 5, 7, 5 structure, and complete three haiku for this exercise. Then give us a summary of what you felt when constructing them. Did you capture the seasonal requirement? Did it feel holy? Share with us what went on in your heart and your head during this exercise.

Critiquers, do you think these were “good” haiku? Why or why not? Would you change anything? Did you understand or empathize with the writer’s summary? Does this author’s SUB inspire you to attempt your own haiku (even if you don’t send it to the list)?

Word limit: 3 haiku, and then 500 words for the summary
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #371/yourname

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