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Exercise #388

Exercise #388: Craft
Posted  10/1/10

Welcome to another exercise from the #336 idea box. This one is from Richard Kirby. Richard says, “[Perhaps] an exercise in writing a couple or three scenes from a story emphasizing a strong transition from one scene to another.  This is something I’ve noticed many writers need to improve.  I’d be interested to see how other writers accomplish a smart transition.”

For this exercise, demonstrate transitions for us. Please paraphrase what’s happening in your first scene, show us the transition, then paraphrase what’s happening in the next scene. You may do this twice (paraphrase, transition, paraphrase, transition, paraphrase). Word counts for the paraphrase are not included in your limits.

After you’ve done this, you may add a summary, if you like. Give us some tips on good transitions, explain why you think the transitions in your SUB are good ones, cite an example from a novel, whatever you think summarizes it well.

Critiquers, along with the usual technical critique, was the SUB helpful to you as an author? Why or why not?

Word limit: 600 for each transition, 500 for the summary
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #388/yourname

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