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Exercise #39

Exercise #39: Self Knowledge
Posted 1/23/04

Here's the second of the two exercise posts from the other list. I'd love to have other exercises like these, so if you have ideas on any, please email me privately.

Again, I've included my own writing to it as further explanation.

This time, pursue the list for yourself. Repeat the same process but create the metaphors for your abstract self.  Write them out in sentence form, "I am..." and use descriptive adjectives to illustrate your metaphors.

     other (must be something concrete)

This will essential be a prose poem about you. If you're not comfortable doing this for yourself, feel free to do it for someone else (but not a member of our group!). Vary your metaphors. Use nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #39/yourname


winebird's I Am Not

     I am an eagle, glorious and free.
     I am a tiger, lord of the underbrush and secure in my strength.
     I am the sun's rays through gentle rain creating a rainbow for all to see.
     I am the rock upon which the lighthouse sits.
     I am a rose, popular in any color.
     I am the well-trimmed fruit tree in the front yard, cared for and giving of my bounty.
     I am a babbling brook in springtime.
     I am a lightbulb, bringing light to darkness and hope to those who are home alone.

     I Wish I Was

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Amy sat at the end of her friend's bed.

"Whaddya mean, *when*? I'm ten. Almost a woman!" Megan paused, her eyes looking somewhere faraway for a moment. She shifted under the covers. "But you know, I do want some things... now that I'm grown up."

Amy ignored the grown-up comment and pursued the dreams. "What? Tell me!"

"Well... " Megan looked around to be sure they were alone. "I want to be strong. I want to be free. I want to help people -- I want them to know I can help them and seek me out. I think I want to be a nurse."

Amy looked at her friend in shock. "A nurse! Why not a doctor?"

"Doctors come in and tell you to stick out your tongue, then they leave. The nurse stays in the room all the time. She pats my shoulder and holds my hand. She's the one with the true power here. He's just the boss."

"Wow. I wouldna thought of that. That's really cool. Can I be your patient?"

"Sure." Megan rearranged her pillow. "And look; my hair's growing back again. The nurse says I can go home soon."


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