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Exercise #884

Exercise #884: Question
Posted 1/22/21

I was watching a behind-the-scenes about Little House on the Prairie, and was intrigued by the training “Mary” and “Adam” received in order to successfully act as blind people, when they could actually see.

Losing a sense I have would be hard and I think sight would be the hardest one for me.

So for today’s question, think about your daily life and answer this:
“What can you do without sight?”

If your first answer is “nothing,” think again. Can you hook a necklace on behind your head? What else do you regularly do without watching it? Or, what do you do when the power is out at night and you can’t sleep?

You may, if you wish, change the sense but if you do please tell us which one you chose.

Critiquers, along with a technical review, you might note how well the SUB fit the exercise.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
            SUB: Exercise #884/yourname

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