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Exercise #902

Exercise #902: Craft
Posted  6/4/21

Today’s exercise comes to us from Kermit.

Kermit said, “Write a series of flashbacks within a story about you personally.

What is a flashback in literature? Flashbacks are scenes inserted into the present narrative time-frame from a time period that precedes the primary story arc.

A flashback example: A female narrator in her 50s describes the day her younger sibling drowned on a family vacation.

Make clear that your scene is a flashback (and not present-time narration). It is important for each flashback scene, that you introduce it in a way that is consistent with your present-day story arc.”

Since we have a set word limit, you will probably only be able to fit in one flashback, so I would recommend setting up the present-day scene, insert the flashback, return to the present-day scene. No need for the story to be complete for this one.

Critiquers, along with the usual grammar, spelling, etc, review, consider these questions:
     * Could you relate to this piece? Why or why not?
     * Was this piece helpful to you as a writer? Why or why not?

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #902/yourname

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