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Exercise #912

Exercise #912: Self Knowledge
Posted 8/20/21

How do you learn best?

I am taking over a complicated process at work and my first question to one of my trainers (I seem to have four) was “Is there any documentation you can share with me?” The answer was a blank look.

I learn best by reading how and then doing it. That isn’t possible this time and I’m floundering a bit. Think about a time in your life when you had to learn how to do something complicated. Did your trainer(s) make it easy? Were there stumbling blocks? Did you feel like you did a good job of learning it?

Now think about it differently. What if your trainer(s) had used a different method? Would the results have been better or worse?

And finally, think about when you passed that task along to someone else. How do you think you did as a trainer?

If you can’t think of a single thing that fits this exercise, you may contact me privately and I’ll give you some things you may not be considering. It’s surprising what we learn and teach!

You may, as always, have a character do this exercise instead.

Critiquers, you might try answering these questions for critiquing the piece:
     * Did you catch any spelling errors or other standard proofreading items? If so, note them for the author.
     * Could you relate to this piece? Why or why not?

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #912/yourname

Why this is a self-knowledge exercise: Why this is a self-knowledge exercise: Sometimes we have to train our trainer to teach us the right way. But first, we need to know what the right way is for ourselves.

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