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JMW's Desk

J Martin Witherspoon’s desk

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View of a Desk

Since I don't have a scanner or a digital camera, I'll make an attempt to describe where my pen meets the paper.
Your basic, genuine fake oak laminate computer desk. This is where I print stuff out.
Where I read, write, think, proofread, and edit is quite different.
This small coffee and bagel shop has walls of deep, robust pink that surround a well-worn natural wood floor. Six black-topped, steel legged bar stools stand at the small, J-shaped black-topped counter. Lining the customer side of the counter is corrugated metal.
Three of the black-topped tables with white plastic lawn chairs seat a total of twelve. The other two seat a total of four. The floor section near the windows is black tile.
On the handle of the framed glass door hangs a small chime. Two large windows, (looking west), enable a view onto downtown main street. A third window, closest to the door, gives a southwest view. Just inside the door to the immediate right is a knobless, six-pane wooden door painted in the same dark purple as the edging. The wood around each pane is a cream white.  Behind this door is a small variety of gift items for sale.
From the silver, fifteen-foot ceiling hang two three-bladed silver ceiling fans. The corrugated metal ceiling is inset with small floodlights.  Running lights shine upon the menu boards and an area rock station plays in the background.

The wood borders are a dark purple. A four-inch ledge runs under the three windows and under that, corrugated metal like around the counter and on the ceiling.
Above the door is a large cubby hole filled in with decorative boxes and what looks to be silks or cloth. Small, white Christmas-type lights run from here along the top of the two large windows to the north wall.

The menu boards are two large green blackboards -- one for sandwiches and  salads, the other for drinks. The bottoms of both sit about seven feet off the floor. The drinks menu has a smaller black blackboard section for mochas.
The small, rectangle black bagel menu offers thirteen bagels. Another nearby black menu board, slender and wide, offers ten cream cheeses.
When ordering you overlook a glass case filled with cheesecake slices, each bearing a thousand calories each. Below, bottled water and juice.
Toward the back, a section of rough bare brick holds up a number of wooden crates that contain mason jars full of whole bean coffees.
Six original paintings are displayed; one by the owners fiancée and the others by her sister. One painting appears to be random flourishes of a brush that produced a repeated sparse outline of a woman. Two others are more defined; one of two women at a restaurant dining table and the other of one woman at a table. All three women are brunette with eyes closed. One black and white of a woman from the shoulders up with a phoenix behind her. Another in color; a woman from the shoulders up with a flowered hat. The fiancée’s painting is of three cats and has an Egyptian look to it. Another painting is of a peacock-type bird in brush but I'm not certain of the artist. Perhaps the fiancée.
There is also a wall sculpture called (if I remember correctly) “TV Dinner.” A plate and several lengths of movie film are fixed on a large section of white painted wood. A section of bathroom floor tile is fixed on the bottom right hand corner.
The current owner is the second one. When the original owner had the place two vertical sections of wall art were visible. The section on the south wall, (still visible), looks at down-town from an on-the-street view. The west section, now covered, depicted the train station (from the outside) and a train. I'm not sure of the time period. By a guess at the style of cars, I'd say the late '40's.

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