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2005 NaNoWriMo Winner
Exercise #139 Prep

Exercise #139: Prep
Posted 12/12/05 - 12/22/05

Here are the phobias created and submitted by The Desk Drawer listmembers from 12/12/05 through 12/22/05.

Submitted by kitsune:
Pickadiesixaphobia: the fear of random chance influencing your writing assignment.

Submitted by Jo Best:
Evacataphobia: the fear of vacations, going on vacations, even planning vacations.

Submitted by Michelle Hakala:
Quassophobia: to fear a break or the fear of breaking.

Submitted by Steven Williamson:
Caloricaphobia (Kal-oh-RICK-a-fobia): the fear of consuming too many calories just by looking at food.

Submitted by Joan Kilgannon:
Dedusdephobia: the fear of having to do the dusting.

Submitted by Ann Adams:
Postaphobia: the fear of opening the mail.

Submitted by Cathy Furlani:
Iteenetaphobia: the fear of asking the IT network administrator a question.

Submitted by Mamie Hanscom:
Fadaphobia: the fear of disappearing into thin air.

Submitted by Krys Douglas:
Woolipilliphobia: the fear of fabric pilling on sweaters.

Submitted by Alana Clarke:
Encomiaphobia (en-'kO-mE-ah-'fO-bE-ah): the deep-seated and irrational fear of encomia (glowing and warmly enthusiastic praise) or expressions thereof.

Submitted by Sally French:
Fibolaphobia: the fear of liars.

Submitted by Sharon Tabor Warren:
Inprogressphobia: the fear of leaving things unfinished.

Submitted by Song:
Listophobia: the fear of Santa checking that list too closely before Christmas Eve rounds.

Submitted by Beth Matsoukis:
Kakokafesphobia (KA-ko-ka-fes-fo-bee-a): the fear of bad coffee.

Submitted by Angie Packer:
Feline Atroxtractus: From the Latin: Atrox (terrible) + tractus (movement). The fear of moving the cat, due to the possibility of severely damaging, even crippling retribution. The most common form of Feline Atroxtractus occurs when you debate whether or not to remove a sleeping cat from your lap, suffering claws in the lap and arms, or if death by uremia would be less painful. Nocturnal Feline Atroxtractus is, of course, when the cat is sleeping in bed with you but you donít dare move because the cat doesnít like to be disturbed and you have the scratch  marks to prove it. See also: Feline Paralytic Syndrome: the fear of moving something because the cat will attack it. This phobia is often illustrated by the fear of moving oneís feet under the blankets, knowing that the cat will then pounce on the bed, chew through the quilt/duvet and gnaw/claw the offending toes to stubs of pain. This fear can be especially debilitating to writers, artists, and knitters as their feline companions are known to attack pens, pencils, paintbrushes, needles and yarn.

Submitted by Joyce Handzo:
Hallmarkrelaphobia: the fear of forgetting to send a Christmas card to an important relative.

Submitted by Virginia Merrill:
Rolmushflopphobia: the fear of having your foot run over by the wheel of a rolling  vehicle.

Submitted by Lata:
Gooeydoorknobophobia: the fear of sticky doorknobs.

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