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Site Map

Site Map for The Desk Drawer Writing Exercise Workshop

For ease in finding your way around our site, we’ve broken the site map up into two categories: the workshop map and the members map.

The Desk Drawer Workshop Map

Everything you need to know about The Desk Drawer. Here’s where you can find out what the list is, how it operates, and view writing exercises.

The Desk Drawer - Writing Exercise Workshop
The Desk Drawer is an interactive email-based writing exercise group. This page gives information on what we do and how to join.

The Desk Drawer FAQ
The Frequently Asked Questions page; this is the place to get answers to most, if not all, your questions about the list.

The Desk Drawer Exercise Menu
Choose between randomly picking a number or deciding on a category for today’s writing exercise.

The Desk Drawer Exercise Map
  (Due to the extreme length of this page, at Exercise #170 it was discontinued. Please use the Exercise Menu, which contains a Search feature.)

Contact Us
Information on contacting the list owner, webmaster, or for more information about the list.

About Us
Who are these people, anyway? Here’s some background on the list owner, her family, and her house.

Privacy Policy
Find out what information this Web site gathers and how it’s used.

Writer’s Links
Links to useful writing sites, from dictionaries to writing tips.

The Desk Drawer Members Map

Here’s where our members truly shine. Visit their Web sites, learn a little about who they are, and see where they write!

Members’ Links
Some of our members have Web sites. We encourage you to visit them for some samples of their writing skill.

Members’ Desks
Pictures or descriptions of members’ desks. See where they spend some of their time!

Members’ Favorite Good Causes
Links to the charities and non-profit organizations our members support.

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