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About Us

There is an entire life behind every writer. Daily events, the people we meet, the people we choose as our friends, and the world around us contribute to every piece we write.

While we don’t have to experience everything we write about -- if we did, surely all murder mystery writers would be in jail, right? -- the emotions behind bringing a new puppy into our lives or during add-on construction of our home enable us to write about those emotions, even, or especially, in other contexts.

This page will give you a few links into my life, and give you an idea where the seeds come from that bloom in my writing.

What does Harry do? (and who is he, anyway?)

The people.

Meet HexHouse.

The dream aquarium.

Other pets: Kona, Zeker, Hunter, and now Guia.

Past pets: Smudge and Bounty.

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