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Exercise #57

Exercise #57: Ten Words
Posted 5/28/04

Let's have some word fun.

Find a big word. Open a book, consult your memory, anything. Your chosen word should be at least eight letters, and the more the better. Got it?

Now find as many words as you want to which are contained in the original word. Ideally, you'd want at least nine, giving you a ten-word base.

An example --  Original word: apparently
Additional words: parent, rent, ten, apple, rape, rap, rappel, pare, lap

Got your extra words? Now use all ten (or however many you had or want to use, but ten is a good number) in a sub. Remember to give us the original and additional words. Extra credit for using them all in 75 words or less.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #57/yourname


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