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Exercise #81

Exercise #81: Interactive
Posted 11/12/04

You've seen all the wow lines coming in over the last eleven days. Now it's time to choose one (or more).

The easy version:  Pick a wow line which someone else submitted. You cannot choose one of your own writing, remember, even if someone else chose to submit one from one of your previous SUBs! Give us the wow line, its attribution, and who submitted it. Then write! Use it any way you wish. A beginning line, an ending line, or just write whatever it sparks in you.

The challenge version: Pick two wow lines which two someones submitted. You cannot choose both from the same person, and you cannot choose one of your own writing, even if someone else chose to submit one from your previous SUBs. Give us the wow lines, their attribution, and who submitted them. Then write a sub which uses both wow lines, in their entirety, as they were submitted. No editing of the lines is permitted and both must appear somewhere in your piece.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #81/yourname


Website note: I no longer have the original emails from listmembers with their wow lines. Iíve listed them here for your selection:

Exercise #81: Interactive Prep

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