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Exercise #90

Exercise #90: Hodge Podge
Posted 1/14/05

I found this great prompt generator and it still amazes me when I run it. For this exercise, I used the "Sparks on the Go" option, which gives an assortment of the many different things the program does. Not all of them are represented here. Missing are: First Lines, Cliches Starters, Random Story Words and What If Stories.

Please pick one of these to write to per SUB, although you are certainly encouraged to send in more than one SUB!

Mixed Metaphors:
a cage of eloquence
a sprinkle of naivete
a blink of discernment
a house of restraint
a sign of censure

Mixed Proverbs:
A drowning man is a second nature.
He whose belly is full begins to die.
Art catches the early worm.
Abundance, like want, is only skin-deep.

Quick Prompts:
Write about how you would end your day today.
Write about the color of perfection.
Invent a fear.
What are five things you think you cannot live without?

Quick Characters (write their story):
Jennifer Yu and Robert Ayers meet during a wedding. One of them pays a fine.
Sarah Enriquez and David Davis meet during an eclipse. One of them is tense.
Sharon Keller and Daniel Woods meet on the way to work. One of them gets drunk.
Kimberly Woods and Kenneth Barrios meet during a kidnapping. One of them is lovelorn.

Prompts generated by WriteSparks! Gold -

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #90/yourname

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