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Writer's Links

Here are some resource links for writers:

General writing resource sites:
Essay Guide site list:

Fraud in the writing world, alerts and updates:

Writing mechanics guides (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.): Royal Order of Adjectives (the rest of this site seems to have embedded ads; this page does not) Parts of Speech

Writing craft guides: (dialog) (critique) (story building)

All about words: (word trivia) (dictionary) (dictionary) (put in the definition to find the word)


Books online (reference and others):

Other writing link libraries:

Publishing and promotional:

Life After Publishing Annual Conference, now ONLINE.
"You've been published. Now what? Join other authors as you learn how to take those necessary steps to market your work at the 2012 Life After Publishing conference. This year's event will be held solely online and is open to anyone that has written a book, is writing a book, or just wants to learn more about marketing. Find out more at "


Top Books: (Pulitzer Prize winners) (Booker Prize winners)

Especially for young writers:


Writers at work:
Ace Web Content
Web Content Writers offering professional SEO Writing


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