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Exercise #1015

Exercise #1015: Your Thoughts
Posted 11/2423

Today's exercise comes from Sharon’s answer to my “about the list” questions.

Sharon said she’d like to see the opportunity to post something written without a prompt. (We do have this in XSUB, but there is no credit for SUB or CRIT under that heading.)

So here you go. Post whatever you’d like. Keep the Terms of Service in mind, of course, and add a warning if you think it might offend or nauseate someone. Also add critiquer tips if you’re looking for specific feedback on your piece.

Critiquers, if no specific tips were given, along with the usual grammar, spelling, etc, review, also consider these questions:
     * What was your reaction to the work?
     * If given the opportunity, would you read a sequel?

Word limit: none
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #1015/yourname

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