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Exercise #107

Exercise #107: One Word
Posted 05/13/05

This exercise begins Monday, May 16.

I know I'm not the only one on this list who has a subscription to A.W.A.D (A Word A Day). Their Web site is and I invite you to check it out if you don't already get five words a week from them.

For this One Word exercise, I'll be using A.W.A.D's words from next week. Each day, Monday through Friday, I'll send on to The Desk Drawer list the A.W.A.D issue for the day. If you get it in your inbox through A.W.A.D, you get the word early. :-)

You can:

a) Wait for all five words to show up and then pick one, using it in your SUB however you want to, or writing about whatever the word inspires in you;

b) Wait for all five words to show up and then write one SUB using all five;

c) Write a SUB using one of the words whenever it strikes your fancy (if Monday's word sparks something, you can be done for the week, or write again on Thursday if that word also triggers something);

d) THE CHALLENGE. Each day, write a SUB using each of the previous words. Monday, you'd write a SUB using Monday's word somewhere in it. On Tuesday, you'd write a SUB using *both* Monday's word and Tuesday's word somewhere in it. On Wednesday, you'd use Monday's, Tuesday's *and* Wednesday's word somewhere in it. And so on. It is permissible to do all of these after the week is done, but be sure to send them to the list in order!

As usual when encouraging multiple SUBs, I ask that you mark them to distinguish them from each other (and to know which CRITs go with which SUB).

For each SUB:

Tell us the word(s) you're using at the beginning of your SUB. (No need for definitions as we will all have received the A.W.A.D for those words.)

Word limit: 1200, but I suggest you stay on the short side as multiple 1200 word SUBs may not get many CRITs

Please use the subject line
            SUB: Exercise #107/yourname (#)

SUB: Exercise #107/winebird (1)
SUB: Exercise #107/winebird (2)
SUB: Exercise #107/winebird (3)


The words from A.W.A.D, the week of May 16, 2005:

Monday: abigail (AB-i-gayl) noun, a lady's maid.

Tuesday: Gresham's law (GRESH-ums law) noun, the theory that bad money drives good money out of circulation.

Wednesday: Rubenesque (roo-buh-NESK) adjective, full-figured; rounded; voluptuous.

Thursday: Apgar score (AP-gar skor) noun, a method of assessing a  newborn's health.

Friday: Lady Bountiful (LAY-dee BOUN-ti-ful) noun, someone, especially a woman, known for charity and generosity.

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