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2005 NaNoWriMo Winner
Exercise #174

Exercise #174: Brainstorm
Posted 8/23/06

You might have seen this recipe, as itís been passed around in various versions for a long time:

Recipe for Peace
by author unknown

1 cup of friendship
1/2 cup of hope
2 cups of love
5 tbsp of respect
1/2 cup of kindness
1 cup of joy
3 tsp of understanding
1 1/2 cups honesty

Mix friendship, love, and kindness in a large bowl. Add understanding a few drops at a time. Then stir in honesty and joy for good firm dough. Sprinkle half of respect over it and mix well. Pour into a cake pan and bake at 350̊F. When it is ready pour the hope and the rest of respect on top and share with everyone you know.

For todayís exercise, create a new recipe. Give us the ingredients and directions, and tell us what weíll be creating if we follow them. If you wish, you may write a piece where a character finds, uses, or shares your recipe as an example. If you really canít come up with a recipe of your own, you may use this one for your example (this recipe has 103 words).

Note the modified word limits.

Word limit: 750 recipe only, 1400 with example
Please use the subject line:
       SUB: Exercise #174/yourname

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