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NaNo 2006 Winner
Exercise #191 Prep

Exercise #191: Prep
Posted 12/13/06 - 12/21/06

Each person was asked to submit a noun, verb, adjective, name, animal, and color. Here are the choices submitted by The Desk Drawer listmembers from 12/13/06 through 12/21/06.

Submitted by Christine Jewett:
noun: walker
verb: scramble
adjective: haughty
name: Vanessa
animal: piglet
color: maroon

Submitted by Michael Wulf:
noun: penchant
verb: ideate
adjective: idiosyncratic
name: Myles
animal: Rolash Bear
color: raspberry

Submitted by Travis Miller:
noun: stadium
verb: sprint
adjective: delectable
name: Fineas
animal: rabbit
color: Gold

Submitted by Roxanne:
noun: blasphemy
verb: percolate
adjective: coruscant
name: Olivia Reeve
animal: meerkat
color: silver

Submitted by Carlisle:
noun: tomb
verb: exhume
adjective: antebellum
name: Leonidus
animal: cougar
color: orange

Submitted by Ern Wiley:
noun: midnight
verb: tinkled
adjective: tufted
name: Nevermore
animal: coyote
color: green

Submitted by Michelle Hakala:
Noun: computer
Verb: leap
Adjective: cheerful
Name: Joan Deere
Animal: dragon
Color: turquoise

Submitted by Mike Marsch:
noun: euphoria
verb: defenestrate
adjective: daring
name: Oseary Drakoulias
animal: koala
color: aqua

Submitted by David Ramger:
noun: temple
verb: encounter
adjective: corpulent
name: James N. Benjamin
animal: panther
color: azure

Submitted by Jo Best:
noun: campsite
verb: gallop
adjective: wondrous
name: Jezebel
animal: horse
color: black

Submitted by Morgan Kunze:
noun: asteroid
verb: shred
adjective: miserable
name: Allegra Collins
animal: Vaux's swift
color: black

Submitted by Susan Frank:
noun: newspaper
verb: meet
adjective: spirited
name: Rebecca
animal: dog
color: purple

Submitted by Murielle Hamilton:
noun: fantasy
verb: remand
adjective: delicate
name: Adela
animal: giraffe
color: olive

Submitted by Mamie Hanscom:
noun: computer
verb: reveal
adjective: mysterious
name: Madoline
animal: cat
color: crimson

Submitted by Krys Douglas:
noun: ruins
verb: revolve
adjective: crusty
name: Concha
animal: hippopotamus
color: turquoise

Submitted by Steven Williamson:
noun: light bulb
verb: stomp
adjective: quickly
name: Warren
color: forest green

Submitted by Sally French:
noun: car
verb: push
adjective: drab
name: Alicia
animal: goat
color: purple

Submitted by Amaris:
noun: spinach
verb: compose
adjective: savory
name: Ethan
animal: bear
color: yellow

Submitted by Joan Kilgannon:
Noun: Ocean
Verb: Running
adjective: Silky
name: Adrian
animal: Kangaroo
color: Pink

Submitted by Shannon Lynch:
Noun: asterisk
Verb: rattle
adjective: festive
name: Osborne
animal: outhouse rodent
color: red 

Submitted by Marjorie Sallee:
Noun: journalist
Verb: investigate
Adjective: antagonistic
Name: Juan Sanchez
Animal: porcupine
Color: burgundy

Submitted by kitsune:
noun: fork
verb: sing
adjective: silly
name: Samuel
animal: cow
color: orange

Submitted by Sue Levy:
noun: glass
verb: subdue
adjective: blocked
name: Judith
animal: rainbow trout
color: silver

Submitted by McBooker:
noun: roto-tiller
verb: sauté
adjective: snip
name: Gilda
animal: penguin
color: green

Submitted by Rachel Brown:
noun: town
verb: collapse
adjective: luminous
name: Will
animal: wallaby
color: lilac

Submitted by Tyger Valverde:
Noun: Tragedy
Verb: capture
Adjective: livid
Name: Salome
Animal: lobster
Color: seafoam green

Submitted by Beth Myers:
noun: baby
verb: lose
adjective: lovely
name: Catey
animal: Mongoose
color: White

Submitted by Mary Ann Collanton:
noun: brick
verb: sharpen
adjective: deep
name: Trinity
animal: Loch Ness Monster
color: white

Submitted by Bob Burdick:
noun: novel
verb: write
adjective: enormous
name: Hemingway
animal: Cape buffalo
color: moleskin

Submitted by Moira:
noun: fairy
verb: weave
adjective: iridescent
name: Henry
animal: doe
color: russet

Submitted by Sharon Poppen:
noun: Space Station
verb: lurk
adjective: bright
name: Rachel
animal: butterfly
color: amber

Submitted by Joyce Handzo:
noun: school
verb: giggled
adjective: jolly
name: Sponge Bob
animal: rat
color: emerald green

Submitted by Beth Matsoukis:
noun: tent
verb: sell
adjective: rich
name: Andreas
animal: opossum
color: scarlet

Submitted by Sharon Tabor Warren:
noun: ice
verb: celebrate
adjective: festive
name: Kris (male)
animal: deer
color: white

Submitted by Tim Gardner:
noun: radio
verb: facilitate
adjective: cool
name: Jorge
animal: wombat
color: peach

Submitted by Francois:
noun: celebration
verb: reminisce
adjective: cardinal
name: Pietr
animal: cat
color: puce

Submitted by Song:
noun: garden
verb: talk
adjective: happy
name: Love
animal: cat
color: gold

Submitted by B Paul Dean:
Noun: box
Verb: ban
Adj: big
Name: Job
Animal: fly
Color: red

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