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NaNo 2006 Winner
Exercise #196

Exercise #196: One Word
Posted 1/26/07

Pick one from each list, combine the two to make a new compound word. Define and use your new word in your piece

Good, soft, fuzzy:     Bad, hard, strong:

velvet                       soot
oath                          minion
cloud                        dust
lace                          ash
puppy                       fang
baby                         steam
wool                        stone
flannel                      ice
breeze                      fire
meadow                   diamond
home                        steel
library                      razor
silk                           budget

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line
      SUB: Exercise #196/yourname

Example: My two words are peace (good, soft, fuzzy) and backbone (bad, hard, strong). I combine them to make “backbone peace,” which I define as the peace that occurs after wartime has ravaged a country for many years. The locals don’t give up, and the aggressors finally quit for lack of funds or some other reason. A backbone peace is where the oppressed win from strength of will, not might. My SUB might be a tale taking place in such a village.

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