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NaNo 2006 Winner
Exercise #206

Exercise #206: Craft
Posted 4/6/07

We see our novel or short story in our mind’s eye. We know whether our hero is blonde with surfer’s muscles, or a short nerdy guy with taped-up glasses. We know if it’s a sunny spring day or the tail end of a fierce snowstorm.

Unfortunately, our readers can’t see into our heads. We have to help them, with clear language and words that convey images. The image below (click on it for a larger picture) is where your scene takes place. Your job is to describe it so the reader sees what you see. Emotions are allowable, so if you want to make this a wonderful comforting place, or something out of nightmare, you may do so.

Your submission to this prompt should not be a whole story, but only a description of the scene in the picture.

If you need an added challenge, write your SUB and then share it with someone not on this list. After they’ve read it, show them the picture. How close did you come?

Word limit: 450
Please use the subject line
    SUB: Exercise #206/yourname

Description Exer Pic Small

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