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Exercise #211 Prep

Exercise #211: Prep
Posted 5/5/07 - 5/10/07

Each person was asked to submit:
1. A character - (This can be as simple as "a man" or as complex as "a jaded policeman who has trouble buttoning his shirt.")
2. A building - (This can be as simple as "a house" or as complex as "a Victorian mansion painted bright pink with red trim.")
3. Something which could be used as a weapon - (Throw a standard weapon out there, or be creative. Was he strangled with a garden hose? Did she fend off her attacker with her high-heeled shoe?).

Submitted by Murielle Hamilton:
Character - a short, overweight, sweaty, balding man with a pencil- thin moustache, in his fifties, a stressed life-insurance-salesman type.
Building - a falling down shack (once a small hayloft) made of bent planks of grayed-out cedar in the middle of a wheat field.
Weapon - a lipstick containing a poisonous substance that can penetrate the body through its mucous membranes.

Submitted by Jo Best:
Character - Mama Minerva who's always dressed in black.
Building - Tiny English Tudor-style cottage by the sea.
Weapon - A garden rake.

Submitted by Tracy Cassidy:
Character - a middle-aged woman with a winning smile and a troubled heart
Building - a country cabin with a winding driveway punctuated by evergreens and a pond
Weapon - an awl, which she typically uses for leather punching.

Submitted by Candace Clayton:
Character - Harmony Hedgehog-a muciscally talented hedgehog
Building - Bogs Forest Grand Symphony Hall, the most elite of The Forest's creature's performance halls
Weapon - A cello.

Submitted by Mamie Hanscom:
Character - A tall, mysterious and aloof man in his early forties. Handsome chiseled features,
drives a classic Jaguar. Considered paranoid.
Building - A two hundred-year-old , three-story mansion on a secluded country road.
Weapon - An antique urn containing human ashes.

Submitted by Marjorie Sallee:
Character - A homeless man
Building - An abandoned amusement park
Weapon - The sledge hammer used for the strength testing machine.

Submitted by Minakshi Watts:
Character - A middle-aged man, unsuccessful writer, bloated body and a smile that speaks of artificial mirth.
Building - Sprawling white mansion by the sea, a private beach, green palms and a quiet, serene atmosphere.
Weapon - The sharp, knife-edged leaves of a nolina plant, sprayed with poison.

Submitted by Susan Frank:
Character - a seventeen-year-old boy
Building - an abortion clinic
Weapon - a slingshot.

Submitted by Steven Williamson:
Character - A teenager, Hazel Green. She is not quite pretty, longs for a boyfriend, but school is a priority.
Building - High rise in the middle of a modern city
Weapon - the cord from her iPod music player.

Submitted by Krys Douglas:
Character - a genealogist
Building - archive room of City Hall
Weapon - a computer keyboard.

Submitted by David Ramger:
Character - Chris, a bright, self-sufficient eighteen year old, and the last person on earth.
Building - A lighthouse on the coast of Virginia.
Weapon - A compound hunting bow and razor-tipped arrows.

Submitted by Roxanne:
Character - Bill, a twenty-something. Average to the point of invisibility, Bill is no particular height, has no particular hair color, and no distinguishing personality traits that anyone would notice, if they ever saw him at all, which they never did.
Building - An office cube farm, after hours. The ever-humming air-conditioning system has just turned off, leaving in its place a palpable silence, broken only by the sound of fitful typing on a computer keyboard.
Weapon - A malevolent intelligence that seeks to destroy its object through psychological means, with the same detached interest as a boy burning an ant with a magnifying glass. And with the same deadly result.

Submitted by Rhiannon Hopkins:
Character - Rachel,a fifty-year-old woman who spent thirty years as a nun. A fortnight ago she left the convent after a long crisis of faith and is now adjusting to a world vastly different from the one she left when she took her vows.
Building - The offices of Holdfast Insurance, all plate glass and ugly modern architecture.
Weapon - A figure of a pot bellied fertility god from Borneo, carved from solid mahogany.

Submitted by Sally French:
Character - Short older man with white comb over and southern accent.
Building - A cottage on Clark Lake in need of repair.
Weapon - A stolen bottle of Vicodin.

Submitted by Joan Kilgannon:
Character - A magic talking rabbit (Bugs bunny type with magic powers)
Building - A cave/dwelling in the forest.
Weapon - A magic wand carrot.

Submitted by Sue Levy:
Character - a mousy middle-aged woman, with neglected hair, nondescript dress sense and a nervous twitch
Building - a suburban branch of a bank
Weapon - a packet of salted peanuts.

Submitted by Rachel Brown:
Character - A flustered mother of three young children
Building - A multilevel shopping centre
Weapon - A cigarette lighter and an aerosol can (combined as one weapon).

Submitted by Mary Ann Collanton:
Character - A 79-year-old grandmother that walks the treadmill and eats a whole bar of dark chocolate a day (sometimes simultaneously.) She's the type that can find something good in any situation.
Building - The cabin where she and her late husband spent their honeymoon 57 years ago. It's deep in the forest, not well cared-for, but the roof keeps the rain out.
Weapon - Candy-apple red '55 T-bird, with the top down. You can decide the condition it's in. :)

Submitted by Terry Struse:
Character - An older man who had given away all the money he had made when younger and now lives in poverty in his own house.
Building - An old garage full of gardening and yard-care items.
Weapon - A piece of a chrome-plated steel tube, 1"X24".

Submitted by Tyger Valverde:
Character - Non-traditional college student, male, 6 ft 0, 180 lbs, polite and gentle, more comfortable with computers than people.
Building - The college dorm, where his classmates live, co-ed.
Weapon - Strychnine.

Submitted by Mary Ruth Strzeszewski:
Character - A college student working as a waitress at. . .
Building - A wedding palace (one of those places where several weddings are going on at once)
Weapon - A shrimp cocktail.

Submitted by kitsune:
Character - A small dog, lost in a city far from home.
Building - A bank with a large glass window that looks out onto a busy street.
Weapon - A half dollar coin with sharpened edges.

Submitted by Michelle Hakala:
Character - A would-have-been wizard. He has failed all his tests and been expelled (ex-spelled?) from wizard school.
Building - An abandoned, boarded-up house. The neighborhood kids say it's haunted.
Weapon - A serrano chile, rolled.

Submitted by Sharon Poppen:
Character - A Texas cowgirl, circa 1880 2.
Building - A clapboard herder's shack near the Pedernales River
Weapon - A knee.

Submitted by Joyce Handzo:
Character- a mole who is allergic to dirt
Building-an outhouse in the middle of the forest
Weapon- a Pez dispenser.

Submitted by Vinay Kumar:
Character - A thirty-five-year-old, unmarried wedding singer.
Building - A funeral Home.
Weapon - Laughing gas.

Submitted by Amaris:
Character - Ethan Muckle, expert woodsman and hunter in 1760's Kentucky. Wears deerskin jacket and carries a long rifle.
Building - Stockade at (imaginary) Walker's Creek settlement, Kentucky. Built from logs, it sits on a low hill in the center of a clearing, not far from Walker's Creek. The single entrance faces the creek. Several small rooms are built against the interior walls for storage and to provide shelter in an attack.
Weapon - Skinning knife with nicked blade. Handle made of deer antler.

Submitted by Mike Marsch:
Character - Ferguson C. Buttersworth, butler to the retiring and eccentric Duke of Clarence and himself a quirky and eccentric character given to fits of inexplicable oddity.
Building - The ducal palace, a sprawling mansion perched in the high country of the English Cotswolds and falling into disrepair.
Weapon - An antique candlestick dating back to the lowest branches of the ducal family tree.

Submitted by Kevin Tipple:
Character - Man
Building - Bookstore
Weapon - Cash Register.

Submitted by Carlisle:
Character - 13th Century Monk, gardener, not bright enough to know who the Pope was.
Building - Old Sarum Castle (circa 1220 a.d., while the cathedral stones were being moved to Salisbury)
Weapon - The cathedral's altar bell.

Submitted by Tim Gardner:
Character - Geoff, a hard-headed, egotistical marketing manager who immersed in his work and himself.
Building - the bathhouse at a posh resort in southern Arizona
Weapon - a roll of toilet paper.

Submitted by Dave Shelles:
Character - A sorority girl wearing Birkenstocks
Building - A sparsely furnished loft next door to a Goth club.
Weapon - A garbage can lid.

Submitted by Morgan Kunze:
Character - A 29-year-old stripper with a C-section scar (the old fashioned kind, not the discreet bikini kind) and "Angel" tatooed on her calf
Building - A warehouse that has been converted into an art school, still fronted with a loading dock and located in the industrial part of town.
Weapon - A set of keys.

Submitted by Rye Chusley:
Character - A young female child of six or seven years, and her twin sister. Their father and mother are the leaders of a locally dominant religious institution, which has the secretive air of a cult, but holds the prestige and well-established presence in an average middle-American community.
Building - a girl's doll house which is only large enough for a child to enter and sit down.
Weapon - the smell of chemicals, such as fresh ink.

Submitted by Destiny:
Character - A mentally retarded student who is always ridiculed by his classmates and singled out by bullies.
Building - The maths classroom in an old school.
Weapon - A maths compass.

Submitted by Boris Glikman:
Character - an overweight, wheezing politician from a central European country around the turn of 20th century.
Building - an exclusive restaurant catering primarily to senior members of the government and other pillars of society
Weapon - a highly spiced, highly appetising sausage contaminated with the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

Submitted by Glory Watts:
Character - a woman suffering from depression after loss of 2-year-old child
Building - an old, decaying country mansion.
Weapon - a silk scarf.

Submitted by Sharon Tabor Warren:
Character - a blue-haired woman past her prime
Building - a single floor house with basement, its rooms over decorated and repositories for many figurines.
Weapon - a dry cleaner bag.

Submitted by Moira:
Character - a vaudeville performer
Building - the Queen Mary on the high seas
Weapon - a travelling trunk.

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