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NaNo 2006 Winner
Exercise #214

Exercise #214: Craft
Posted 6/1/07

In honor of my hard drive’s expiration, here’s another interview Craft exercise. (The previous one was Exercise #97.)

You’ve achieved fame and fortune and been chosen to be the feature author for a magazine article titled “Authors and Automation: Writing and the Web.”

The popular magazine has asked that you answer a few simple questions, and then write something about how computers have changed your writing style, or how technology influences your work. You’ve been given no word limit for your answers, and a 600 word limit on your written piece. The magazine’s questions follow.

Popular Magazine: Do you primarily do your writing with a word processor?

Successful Author:

PM: What are the basics you need in order to be comfortable writing?


PM: Do you make back ups of the writing you’ve done on a computer? How often?


PM: Do you have some kind of protected storage for the writing you’ve done in other ways?


PM: Have you made arrangements for your work, in the event of your death?


PM: In 600 words or less, would you tell us how technology has impacted your work?

Word limit: 600 for last question
Please use the subject line
    SUB: Exercise #214/yourname

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