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NaNo 2006 Winner
Exercise #221

Exercise #221: Self Knowledge
Posted 7/20/07

I admit it. I watch CSI in all its incarnations. It amazes me when the police are asking a possible Bad Guy to explain where he was “on Tuesday, January 28, 1998.”

I’m lucky if I can remember where I was this week, let alone years ago.

For today’s exercise, imagine the police have come knocking at your door. There’s been a crime, and they want to know your whereabouts, what you were doing, and if anyone can validate what you tell them.

So, where were you last Tuesday at 6:00 pm? (If this one is too easy, try last Tuesday at 10:30 am, or the week before for either one. The goal is to pick some time where you have to really think about it in order to answer.)

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
       SUB: Exercise #221/yourname

This self-knowledge exercise will make you think back over the last week, and review some of the things you did or people you met. Often we take such things for granted.


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