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NaNo 2006 Winner
Exercise #224

Exercise #224: Title
Posted 8/10/07

My Honda has XM radio and one of those new-fangled GPS thingies. The map display will show the XM radio station instead, if I set it that way. The display then shows the artist, song title, and some other information I never pay attention to.

Two items continue to catch my attention just about every time I’m in the car. One is the lack of typographical errors in the names and titles. We’ve had the car since March, I think, and I’ve seen two errors. Three, if you count the time when the name and title were reversed.

The other item is that the song title often truncates. The system allows for only so many letters, and the title cuts off right there. Some of these modified titles are highly amusing.

Today’s exercise is to choose one of these ten cut-off song titles as the title of your piece. Please note, you are to use the title as it stands, and not the actual title of the song. If you have questionable content, remember to add a warning at the top of your SUB, not in the subject line.

Lost in This Mom
Third Rate Roman
Babys Gotten Goo
This is Your Bra
If I Was a Drink
My Favorite Memo
Take It All Out
If I Were a Carp
I’m Holding My O
Tonight She Hits

Please note the higher word limit.

Word limit: 1500
Please use the subject line:
       SUB: Exercise #224/yourname

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