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NaNo 2006 Winner
Exercise #225

Exercise #225: Self Knowledge
Posted 8/17/07

Warning: death and disaster implications; not for the squeamish.

While watching a movie last week (Courage Under Fire), I was reminded about how in wartime, not all of the deaths are caused by the enemy’s weapons. Sometimes, our own folk die from our own weapons and I’m sure the same happens to those on the other side.

Today’s self-knowledge exercise may not be one you want to consider. Feel free to skip it, or think about it without posting a SUB. You are, of course, welcome to put a character into this situation instead.

The scene is a battle (war, a bar fight, that scrabble you had with prissy Rhonda in high school, any kind of fight). In it, you’ve been shot.

* Who shot you?
* Was it on purpose or accidentally?
    - If on purpose, why would they have reason to shoot you?
      - Is it justified?
    - If the shooting was an accident, is this something you could forgive them for?
      - Why?
* Would you rather it had been the other way (if on purpose, rather it had been accidentally, and vice versa)?
    - Why?

You may choose to describe the fight scene, or answer the questions, but not both.

Critiquers, self-knowledge exercises are not as easy to CRIT because of their very personal nature, so you may want to skip this one, with one exception: if the SUB is only the description of the fight scene, see if you can answer the questions above in relation to it. Be gentle!

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
       SUB: Exercise #225/yourname

This self-knowledge exercise will encourage you to think about the people you know, regardless of whether you think you like them or dislike them, and explore your feelings about them.

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