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Nano Participant 2007
Exercise #235

Exercise #235: Word Play
Posted 10/26/07

This exercise was suggested by Mamie. Mamie said, “There have been some subs with alliteration before, but I was thinking of a piece that includes as many words as possible that begin with the same letter (and sound).”

For this exercise, pick a specific letter and sound and create a sub which uses as many words as possible which include it. For instance, if my letter is g, and my sound is the soft g of “giraffe,” both “gist” and “age” would count, but “got” and “antagonist” would not.

Put your word count and your letter/sound count at the top or bottom of your piece.

Critiquers, see if the author’s letter/sound count is right. It’s amazing how many times we miss a letter if it’s not at the beginning of a word.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
       SUB: Exercise #235/yourname

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