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Exercise #240

Exercise #240: Scene
Posted 11/30/07

Today's exercise comes from John Boylan.

It is early November in the temperate zone. Sam gazes out of a window of his house to enjoy the fleeting colors of nature on a beautiful day. As expected, Sam sees that the leaves are dropping, swiftly, like rain or in a Cassandra-like mimic of the soon-to-come snow.

Sam looks across the way to his neighbor’s house. It is the neatest house in the neighborhood: meticulously kept-up; not a weed in sight; not a blade of grass where it shouldn’t be.

Sam sees his neighbor there. Cecilia is a tall, regal-appearing, mature person, perhaps in her early fifties, dressed, as always, in fashionable clothes fit for a cocktail party, or perhaps a symphony concert. She is a former Rhodes Scholar, has an Oxford Ph.D. and is married to a professor of macrobiotics at the university. She is on her front lawn, bending over and picking up, one by one, each and every leaf that has fallen.

With your SUB, show us how we got to this point, or what happens next.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
       SUB: Exercise #240/yourname

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