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Exercise #245

Exercise #245: Craft
Posted 1/4/08

Today’s Craft exercise was suggested by Jessi S. Jessi wrote, “My NaNo writing got me thinking about the way I describe a scene. My main character was blind and I was writing in third person, but limited to her point of view. So instead of saying ‘her mother shifted in her chair’ I had to say ‘She heard the chair creak as her mother shifted her weight.’ or something like that. I realized that I use visual descriptions almost exclusively and wondered if I could make my writing richer by paying attention to the other senses every now and then.

For an exercise, it might be interesting to write a scene in which we describe as much as possible using non-sight senses. Or take a scene we have already written and edit the sight references out of it.”

Your mission:. Write a scene (this does not need to be a complete story) where your point of view character is blind. Include sensory impressions, but eliminate all visual cues. It's tougher than you think! Remember, color is a visual.

Can't think of a scene? Email me privately at and I'll give you one.

For extra credit, do the same scene with a POV character who is deaf.

Word limit: 600 each POV, two maximum
Please use the subject line
    SUB: Exercise #245/yourname

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