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Exercise #249

Exercise #249: Craft
Posted 2/1/08

Today, give us some market guidelines.

You’ve polished that article or book until it shines, and you’re ready to launch it into the wild world. Where do you go? How do you know if your piece meets the market guidelines for where you’ve targeted (hopefully you researched this before you wrote it!).

Go out and find the guidelines you’ll use to see if you can send your piece to your chosen market, then come back and tell us what they are. You may paraphrase the dos and don’ts or copy/paste the rules, but please make sure you’re sending in plain text only. If possible, include a link to your chosen market.

Word limit: no limit
Please use the subject line
    SUB: Exercise #249/yourname

For example, I’ve chosen the AARP magazine as my market. I went to their Web site, and reviewed their guidelines for submission. My SUB will list the departments available for articles, the manner in which they prefer to receive submissions, their list of “don’ts”, and the link to their page.

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