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Exercise #270

Exercise #270: Hodge Podge
Posted 6/27/08

Don’t look these up on the ‘Net first; that’ll give it away. Make up your own reasons why:

“Surprises are like pepper.” - Anne Lamott

“Socks are like expectations.” - Heartbeats

“Men are like fish.” - Steve Nakamoto

“Girls are like apples on trees.” - Megan

“Quilts are like a journal.” - Lolly’s Fabrics

“Wrestlers are like seagulls.” - James J Dillon

“Apologies are like monsters.” - Justin Feinstein

“Onions are like sex.” - Steven West (remember a warning at the top of your SUB, if necessary!)

“Ideas are like rabbits.” - John Steinbeck

“Chihuahuas are like potato chips.” - Vian Kennels


Now give us a story that illustrates the one you chose!

Critiquers, do you agree with the author that surprises really are like pepper? (Or whichever one is featured.)

 Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
       SUB: Exercise #270/yourname

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