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Exercise #285 Prep

Exercise #285: Prep
Posted 10/4/08 - 10/9/08

Each person was asked to submit up to three six-word stories. Here are the submission from Desk Drawer listmembers.

Submitted by Carlisle:
1. "Smile!" "I am, Leonardo." "Oh well."
2. Stars twinkle, moon shines. White lightning.
3. Crumbs thrown. Birds gather. Skirmish ensues.

Submitted by Glory Watts:
1. Glorious day, indolent looks, magical moments.
2. Silvery moonlight, hidden in shadows, murderous thoughts.
3. Low murmurings, half-told secrets, remembrances.

Submitted by Tyger Valverde:
1. Got fired. Bought gun. Went postal.
2. Fiscal crisis? Now I rob banks.
3. Palin or Cheney, who shoots whom?

Submitted by Jo Best
1. She cried. He cried. Mediation began.
2. Child lost. Telephone rings. FBI arrives.
3. Leaves fall. Snow falls. Spirits fall.

Submitted by Kelly James:
1. She found emails then pulled trigger.
2. Sailed with red sky, no return.
3. Changed her oil, changed his life.

Submitted by Sally French:
1. Party time, accidents happen, cleaners called
2. Doctors talk, meds prescribed, cure found
3. First think, then write, hopefully publish

Submitted by Susan Frank
1. Plan ahead, for problems will arise.
2. See more without rose colored glasses.
3. Mother Nature knows how to fool.

Submitted by Sue Levy:
1. Wet tent. Muddy boots. Camping trip.
2. I came. I shopped. I bought.
3. Empty restaurant. Bad food. Never again.

Submitted by Terry Struse:
1. Tumbleweeds roll. Pollen sails. Many suffer.
2. Sensual beauty. Desire beckons. Consummating love.
3. Bad shooting. Many misses. No teddy.

Submitted by Marjorie Sallee
1. Greedy bureaucrats.  Cooked books.  Credit Crisis.
2. New car,  Important date.  Vehicle totaled.
3. Lab work.  Chronic illness.  Lifestyle changes.

Submitted by Trish Spanabel:
1. I wrote it. You stole it.
2. They met, love bloomed, then withered.

Submitted by Steven Williamson:
1. Hooded figure. Dirty Bomb. Subway train.
2. Bride and groom in sudden downpour.
3. Open mike night, silence is deafening.

Submitted by Rachel Brown:
1. Sharp nail. Flat tyre. Long walk.
2. Sudden labour. Baby named after taxi-driver.
3. Delayed invitation. New ex-best friend.

Submitted by Tim Gardner:
1. Ran marathon. Trained hard. Personal best.
2. Sang to cops. Swims with fishes.

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