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Exercise #366

Exercise #366: Your Thoughts
Posted 4/30/10

Today’s exercise comes from Chas.

The following quote is used with permission.

A writer friend, Michelle Guthrie London, wrote: Rep. Mark Kirk from Illinois is against bringing Gitmo prisoners to Thomsen because “the law allows each prisoner to have ‘up to ten family members/followers visit’ and that means over 2,000 more Al Queda members in Illinois.” What in the world makes him think all of these people have family who agree with their agenda? Sometimes I think the most dangerous word in the English language is ‘stereotype’.

What do you think is the most dangerous word in the English language? Tell us your word and show us why in 500 words or less.

Word limit: 500
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #366/yourname

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