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Nano 2010 Winner
Exercise #401

Exercise #401: Brainstorm
Posted 12/31/10

Sometimes it takes several listenings before I catch all the words in a song. This is especially true if the background music is loud or if I’m in a place with a lot of commotion around me. A few songs can make me cry just about every time I hear them. Each of those tells a story, and the snippets below are from two songs I heard last week. If you don’t know them, please don’t look them up until you’ve written to the prompt.

Your task: write the story that goes with the four lines you’ve been given. Two to choose from -

She said my name is Christmas Carol, I was born on Christmas day
I don’t know who my daddy is and mommy’s gone away
All I want for Christmas is someone to take me home
Does anybody want a Christmas Carol of their own?

I love you this much
And I’m waiting on you
To make up your mind
Do you love me too?

Critiquers, along with the usual technical critique, you might note how well the author’s story fits the snippet given.

Please note the larger word limit.

And now you know what radio station I listen to, don’t you?

Word limit: 1750
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #401/yourname

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