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Exercise #417

Exercise #417: Interactive
Posted 4/22/11

You've seen the Prep posts from everyone. Time to choose!

Choose* a number between 1 and 40. This will be your character. Choose another number for your item and a third number for your building. They can’t be the same number!

Got three different numbers? Go to the Prep choices page to see what you’ve drawn: prep.html

If any are what you submitted, choose a different number for that selection. You can’t pick your own!

Done? You should have a character, an item and a building which each came from a different Desk Drawer member . . .  who isn’t you. Put your three together and show us the story. Remember to tell us what your three choices were.

Critiquers, along with a technical review, you might comment on how well the resulting work fits the choices, and why you feel this way.

Please note the larger word limit.

Word limit: 1500
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #417/yourname

* If you don’t have an easy way to choose your numbers: Try putting slips of paper with the numbers 1 through 40 in a hat, or go to this site:

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