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Exercise #426

Exercise #426: Brainstorm
Posted 6/24/11

Did you ever play the game “Telephone?” With the current technology allowing cell phones to do just about anything, I doubt they play this game in school anymore. When I was in school, though, I found it fascinating.

To play, a bunch of kids make a line. The first child thinks of a short phrase and whispers it to the second one in line. The second kid whispers it to the third kid, and so on. The last child in line repeats what was whispered to him or her, aloud. I can’t remember a single time where the message remained unchanged, and sometimes the warped phrase at the end was really funny.

Today, use this game in your piece. Make us laugh!

Critiquers, along with a regular writing critique, you might note how well the author placed this game in their SUB. Did it seem forced or did it work well?

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #426/yourname

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