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Exercise #507

Exercise #507: Self Knowledge
Posted 2/15/13

How do you solve problems? I believe how we get around obstacles - or how we show our characters doing so - can reveal a lot about us.

For instance, when my place of work moved into our new building, the women’s restroom had a problem: the stall doors closed, whether the stall was in use or not. My office is predominantly female, so at peak usage times I couldn’t tell if the place was full or not.

We all got our own styles of checking. Some tried the doors. Some bent over to look for feet. A very few tried to solve the root issue. Two ways were found to do so. One was to latch the stall door as you left it. This put the latch in the extended position so the door couldn’t fully close. The other way was to break the hinge so the door wouldn’t swing on its own.

Which way do you suppose was mine? :-)

Think about the last issue you solved and how you did it. Your SUB can be a showing of this problem-solving act or a short essay on problem-solving. If you wish, you may add a request for your critiquers to offer a different solution to your issue.

As always, you may show a character tackling this exercise instead.

Critiquers, you might choose to answer these questions for critiquing the piece:
     * Did you catch any spelling errors or other standard proofreading items? If so, note them for the author.
     * Did the SUB seem credible to you? Why or why not?

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #507/yourname

Why this is a self-knowledge exercise: Reviewing your problem-solving methods may give you some insight into who you are.

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