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Exercise #509

Exercise #509: Craft
Posted  3/1/13

I revised a rather long short story for my 2012 YearEndLetter and realized I had added a transition character. Just a two-dimensional cardboard cutout, designed to get my real character from point A to point B.

How much life do you give such a character? The guy has a walk-on bit part and I don’t need my audience to love him, but I don’t want them to lose interest in the storyline because they see that he’s only made of cardboard.

Any advice out there on the cameo actors in your stories? How do you handle them?

Critiquers, along with the usual grammar, spelling, etc, review, consider these questions:
     * Was this piece helpful to you as a writer?
     * Why or why not?

 Word limit: 500
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #509/yourname

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