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Exercise #527

Exercise #527: Craft
Posted  7/5/13

Today's exercise comes from Tassie.

Some of you may remember my ongoing quest to keep this list viable. One of the main needs for this is membership. We’re currently at 25, which I consider too low but I cannot seem to get the numbers higher - and keep them there - with any success.

Tassie suggested as an exercise I could ask everyone to write a new intro page for The Desk Drawer, with the sole aim of attracting more members.

I will expand that to include advertising text, or other ideas for increasing membership. What have you got in those creative minds of yours? Permission to use your ideas to actually advertise or promote The Desk Drawer is implied, so if you do not want your piece used in this way, please say so in your SUB.

Critiquers, along with the usual grammar, spelling, etc, review, consider these questions:
     * Do you see this piece as a success?
     * Why or why not?

Word limit: 1200 for part two only, no limit for parts one or three
Please use the subject line
       SUB: Exercise #527/yourname

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