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Exercise #537

Exercise #537: Pick Six
Posted 9/13/13

Roll a die three times, to give yourself three random numbers. Got 'em? Each number will correspond to a section below. The first number will be your choice from the first set of six, the second die's result will be your choice for the second set, etc. Got it? Okay, here we go.

You are enjoying a simple evening by:
1. Ordering a pizza and watching a movie.
2. Surfing the Internet.
3. Watching the football game.
4. Taking a yoga class.
5. Going to the drive-in.
6. Choosing fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market.

You’re not alone! With you is:

1. Your date.
2. The Little League team captain.
3. Your accountant.
4. A pet.
5. Your parole officer.
6. A mythical creature only you can see.

It’s been fun and maybe a bit magical. Expecting to express your gratitude, you turn to your companion but before you can say anything, he or she or it says:
1. “I have a little more kink than I wanted.”
2. “I guess; depending on your level of loathing.”
3. “I'm going to cyber-stalk you.”
4. “He knows where the whip is.”
5. “If you don't think it's a big deal, I'll just keep using it.”
6. “Life is a risk.”

Now the hard part: show us what's happening. Give us the ins and outs of this and how it turns out. You may choose to have a character doing this, rather than yourself. Remember to let us know what your choices were.

Word limit: 1200 words
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #537/yourname

* Don’t have any dice handy? Try putting slips of paper with the numbers 1 through 6 in a hat, or go to this site:

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