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Exercise #550

Exercise #550: Self Knowledge
Posted 12/20/13

Think of a time in your life when you entered a story. It may have been part of your own, that of a friend, or even a glimpse of one belonging to a total stranger. Did you find out the end of the story? For us as writers, I think the ones we don’t see end hold the greatest interest. Sometimes we can make up our own endings.

Show us one of these:
   * The part of the story you know, or
    * The part of the story you don’t know.

You may show a character tackling this exercise instead.

Critiquers, you might choose to answer these questions for critiquing the piece:
     * Did you catch any spelling errors or other standard proofreading items? If so, note them for the author.
     * Do you see why this story caught the author’s attention? Why or why not?

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #550/yourname

Why this is a self-knowledge exercise: Which stories capture us can tell us quite a bit about ourselves.

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