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Exercise #649

Exercise #649: Interactive
Posted 12/11/15

You were asked to submit the first line of a song. Time to play!

Review all the Exercise #649 Prep posts and decide which way you want to go. I’m offering two choices.

The first one:
  * Pick three different lines. Use one as your beginning, one as your end and place the third one somewhere in the middle of your piece.
  * Remember to give us the lines you used.

The second way:
    * Find a few lines that inspire you (I’d suggest no less than four) and build a poem around them.
   * Remember to give us the lines you used.

You cannot choose your own offerings, and I recommend you pick from different contributors.

Please note the larger word limit.

Critiquers, along with a technical review, you might note how well the author created something from the chosen lines.

Word limit: 1500
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #649/yourname

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