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Exercise #702

Exercise #702: Interactive
Posted 3/10/17

You were asked to submit keywords (or keyword phrases) from your favorite movie. Time to play!

Review the choices offered by our membership. Didn't keep them? Visit this site:

Choose three keywords (or keyword phrases) and put them together in your SUB. For an added challenge, randomly pick three from the 51 offered. You can use an online random number generator to do this fairly easily. Or, email me privately and I'll give you three numbers.

Remember to give us the lines you used! You cannot choose your own offerings, and I recommend you pick from different contributors.

Please note the larger word limit.

Critiquers, along with a technical review, you might note how well the author created something from the chosen keywords.

Word limit: 1500
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #702/yourname


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