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Exercise #819

Exercise #819: Hodge Podge
Posted 8/23/19

Sometimes a typo can totally change the meaning of the sentence and in today’s texting world there seems to be a lot more of them! For today’s exercise, pick one of the below sentences - with its misspelling - and write!


I’ve noticed some of the distain women feel for office politics.

We can start the puzzle when we have all the Pisces.

The air is so heavily populated my asthma won’t leave me alone.

I think that lawyer graduated from Howard.

She was just hoping around this tree.

For sale: dresser chess.

For that recipe, I would substitute apple sauce for lord or Greece.

This is what I'm illuminating to.

Does any of that resignate with anyone?

I love to salute chicken in white wine.


Critiquers, along with the usual technical critique, you might note how well the SUB tied to the choice.

 Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #819/yourname

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