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Exercise #859

Exercise #859: Word Play
Posted 7/10/20

For today's Word Play, you’ll need to come up with some word pairs - four or five should be about right.

A word pair is a set of words where the first word has one letter changed to make it into the second word. For instance, I might choose “heroes” as my first word, change the “o” to a “p” and I then have “herpes” as my second word.

Once you have your word pairs, use them all in your SUB. Remember to tell us what your word pairs were.

Critiquers, you might choose to answer these questions for critiquing the piece:
     * Did you catch any spelling errors or other standard proofreading items? If so, note them for the author.
     * Do you think the author did a good job using the word pairs in his or her SUB? Why or why not?

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #859/yourname

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