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Exercise #946

Exercise #946: One Word
Posted 6/10/22

For today's exercise, pick ten numbers between 1 and 26, inclusive.

Got them?

Each of these represents a letter in the English alphabet, where 1 equals A and 26 equals Z. Translate your chosen numbers into the letter they represent. You now have ten letters.

Rearrange your ten letters to make a word. (If you ended up with all consonants, you can arbitrarily add a vowel in order to come up with a word.) You are allowed to re-use letters, so if you have an L, you can make a word which has LL in it.

Got it?

For this One Word exercise, use your one word any way you like for your SUB. Remember to tell us what it is!

Critiquers, along with the usual technical critique, note how well the author made something out of this word.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line
            SUB: Exercise #946/yourname

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