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Exercise #973

Exercise #973: Self Knowledge
Posted 12/16/22

A friend of mine was telling me an anecdote and she said “I was with my oldest friend,” meaning the one she’s known the longest - in this case, since kindergarten. It got me to thinking . . . how many years does it require to change the category from “friend” to “old friend?”

Think about this for a bit and then give us an essay-type SUB on friendship or a scene involving friendship between characters.

As always, you may choose to show a character answering this exercise instead.

Critiquers, you might try answering these questions for critiquing the piece:
     * Did you catch any spelling errors or other standard proofreading items? If so, note them for the author.
     * Could you relate to this piece? Why or why not?

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #973/yourname

Why this is a self-knowledge exercise: Does “old friend” mean “better friend?” This exercise will help us examine our friendships, what makes them strong and might give us incentive to reach out to someone.

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