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Exercise #991

Exercise #991: Ten Words
Posted 4/28/23

Today you will need to find your own ten words:
   * Look around. Write down five nouns for things you can see.
   * Listen. Write down three sounds you hear. You may be creative with this - if a mockingbird is singing outside your window, you may use “mockingbird,” “bird,” “birdsong,” “tune,” etc. Try to only pick one word per sound. (So that bird would be “birdsong,” but you’d also need “motor” or something for that car passing by.)
     * Describe. Find two adjectives in your surroundings. You may be creative here, as well. I see a stuffed banana - one of the dog’s toys. I can pick “yellow” from just what I see or I can imagine a real banana and use a word to describe its taste, texture or scent.

Remember to list your words at the top of your SUB!

 Do your best to make your piece tell a story. "Extra credit" for using the words in the order given and/or doing this exercise in 75 words or less.

Critiquers, with our critique guidelines this one will be more difficult as authors tend to run short on their SUBs. Likely the best approach to these is the Wildacres Seven Steps Technique.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
             SUB: Exercise #991/yourname

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