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NaNo 2006 Winner
Exercise #191

Exercise #191: Interactive
Posted 12/22/06

You’ve seen the nouns, verbs, adjectives, names, animals and colors submitted by our listmembers. It’s time to choose!

Pick either
a) one person’s Prep submission (not your own!) - you will use all six of their items
b) one item from each of six people’s Prep submissions (again not your own!)

Now, remember Mad Libs? Fill in the following phrase. Use the finished phrase as your prompt, in any way you like.

“It is not for us to judge if <name> and a/an <animal> go out; their life together is <adjective> and <color>, whether the <noun> <verb, any tense> or not.”

Remember to tell us whose items you’re using.

Word limit: 1200
Please use the subject line:
       SUB: Exercise #191/yourname

If you didn’t keep the others’ Preps, you can find them here: prep.html


I’m using winebird’s six items:
“It is not for us to judge if Harry and a unicorn go out; their life together is bumpy and blue, whether the table walks or not.”

The Day The Table Walked
copyright 2006 Michelle Hakala
xxx words

blah blah blah etc

(Wish I had written the SUB!)

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